Handbook of Skandinavian Mythical Creatures

Bachelor thesis, FH Joanneum, 2015
(„magna cum laude„)

Although the Scandinavian folk tales of trolls, elves and other supernatural creatures are hundreds of years old, the attention directed towards them never faded. They serve as inspiration for modern popular media and are well-used in novels, movies and video games. The diversity of the mythological creatures is overwhelming and difficult to outline. Furthermore, over time, their characteristics have been significantly distorted by the influence of foreign cultures and religions.
This book explains their original essence and helps to clarify missunderstandings. It shows a collection of the most important Scandinavian mythical creatures, explains their origins and special traits and visualizes them with the help of modern illustrations. It serves the purpose of a reference book and source of inspiration for modern reinterpretations of the creatures.


– Illustrations
– Layout
– Typographie
– Research & Writing
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Walküre Trollnoste

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